Watch BBC iPlayer Outside UK

The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union on the 31st October 2019 and with it all European laws regarding broadcasting rights. If you want to watch BBC iPlayer in the EU or anywhere else outside of the United Kingdom then you will ordinarily have a problem.

If you want to watch BBC iPlayer Abroad then you will need a VPN installed on your device. A VPN will switch the IP address of your device to that of one in the United Kingdom, so that you will be able to unblock and access not only BBC iPlayer, but also ITV Hub and all other British TV and geo-blocked apps as well.

Privatrax are popular with British expats as they unblock both BBC & ITV and are one of the few VPN providers that allows connection on 3x devices and offer uncapped data, so that you may connect and watch for as long as you wish.

British TV apps are smart now to VPN use and so you will also have to switch off your location services in the GPS section of your device, but once you have done this and have a UK VPN running on your device, all British apps will spring back to life abroad again.



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